PAAFIS 2023 Symposium

Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital, LMU Medical Center


Thursday, 14 September Friday, 15 September Saturday, 16 September
Morning 09:00-13:00 Hands-on-course and
simulation workshop
Session 3:
Session 4:
Social event:
Fun at the Octoberfest
with your PAAFIS friends
Afternoon 14:00-18:00 Session 1:
Session 2:
Session 5:
Session 6:

Background and History of PAAFIS

PAAFIS e.V. (Pediatric, Adolescent and Adult Foregut Interdisciplinary Society) started as a concept in 2012 when a pediatric gastroenterologist and surgeon were discussing medically complex patient. It was at that moment that we realized how often we were lacking an adequate and timely input from various specialties for challenging cases. We decided to create a forum that would include physicians, surgeons, therapists, nursing, allied health care workers, as well as patients and patient representatives all working together on foregut and aerodigestive issues.

Learning objectives

This year we are introducing a new update session at PAAFIS 2023, in which the newest science and developments on gastroesophageal reflux, esophageal atresia, biliopancreatic disease, and Helicobacter pylori infection are presented. The main topics will be biliopancreatic disease, metabolic and bariatric interventions, interdisciplinary care and transition, dysphagia, as well as neoplasms of the foregut. We also have a session dedicated to complications and you will be able to bring your own interesting cases to be discussed together with our experts. And of course we will also feature our legendary upfront hands-on-workshop where participants can sharpen their practical skills.


The Dr. von Hauner children’s hospital, at 177 years the oldest academic pediatric hospital in Germany, is located in the city center of Munich, about 1km south of the central rail station and right at the Goetheplatz, which is also the closest subway station. The address is Lindwurmstrasse 4, 80337 Munich, Germany.


Many hotels are located around the children’s hospital. Make sure to register and book your accommodation early to avoid higher prices, since Octoberfest starts on 16 September 2023 and Munich is crowded during that time.

Registration fees

Participation in the Hands-on-Course is 50 Euros, 40 Euros for PAAFIS members.
Registration for the Symposium is 135 Euros, 100 Euros for PAAFIS members.
Online participation costs 35 Euros, 10 Euros for PAAFIS members.
Trainees, therapists, nursing and patient representatives, please deduct 10 Euros off total price.
Early bird special: Please deduct 15 Euros off total price for registration before 1 April 2023.
Yearly membership in PAAFIS is 20 Euros, but must be paid for the year at time of registration.

Information and registration

For more information and registration, please visit our PAAFIS website at and contact us at To register, please copy-paste and email the following form to or cut out and send to:
Prof. Oliver Muensterer, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital, LMU Medical Center, Lindwurmstrasse 4, 80337 Munich, Germany.
Please write the phrase “PAAFIS 2023” and your name into accompanying text of the bank transfer of funds or send us a check.

Program in detail

Thursday morning: Hands-on-Workshop and simulation lab – Andy Lindner

  • SuSiPed 1.0 – Basic laparoscopic skills
  • SuSiPed 2.0 – Advanced laparoscopic skills
  • Robotic surgery on the simulator


  • Bronchoscopy
  • pH-Probe, Manometry, Impedance and their interpretation

Thursday afternoon: Session 1 – Updates – what is new in these key fields over the last year or two?

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux – Gürsu Kiyan
  • Esophageal Atresia – Oliver Muensterer
  • Tracheal surgery – Hans Hoffmann
  • Allergic conditions of the foregut – Tom Ciecierega

Thursday afternoon: – Session 2 – Metabolic and bariatric interventions in children, adolescents and

  • Childhood obesity: Psychological issues – Johanna Schubert und Team
  • Obesity comorbidities: Cardiac, Pulmonary, Endocrine, Metabolic, Musculoskeletal –
    Susanne Bechtold-Dalla Pozza
  • Pharmacologic management – Mutaz Sultan
  • Interventional management (sleeve gastrectomy, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty) –
    Danielle Wendling-Keim

Friday morning – Session 3 – Esophageal Atresia

  • Lengthening techniques for long-gap esophageal atresia – Amulya Saxena
  • Gastric interposition – Oliver Muensterer
  • Colonic interposition – Tutku Soyer
  • Stricture management – Oliver Muensterer

Friday morning – Session 4 – Interdisciplinary care and transition

  • Patient perspectives: What do we want when we grow up? Graham Slater, Anke WidenmannGrolig
  • Multidisciplinary care of complex foregut and aerodigestive issues – Oliver Muensterer
  • Telemedical options and networks – Jan Gödeke
  • Nursing, therapists, social worker, and physician communication and collaboration –
    Nursing Team, Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital

Friday afternoon – Session 5 – Neoplasms of the foregut

  • Lumps, bumps and cysts associated with the foregut (thryoglossal duct cyst, brachial
    cleft remnants, foregut duplication cysts, ranula, salivary gland, and more) – Anne-Sophie
  • Pleuropulmonary blastoma and the possible association with CPAMs, other lung
    tumors – Irene Schmid
  • Cholangiocarcinoma and the possible association with Choledochal cysts -Cigdem Ulukaya
  • Carcinoid and other neuroendocrine tumors of the foregut – Beate Häberle
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux, caustic ingestions, Barret’s and the risk of later carcinoma –
    Mutaz Sultan
  • Management of Polyps and the risk of future malignancy – Tom Ciecierega

Friday afternoon – Session 6 – Dysphagia

  • Assessment and management of anatomical causes of dysphagia in children – Tutku
  • Neurologic and psychological reasons for dysphagia – Eduard Kraft
  • Therapeutic approaches to dysphagia within pediatric feeding disorders- Sandra
  • Transition of the patient with dysphagia to ambulatory care – Edda Bischoffshausen

Both days – Lunch poster walk – Interesting cases (please submit and prepare as a poster or eposter

Walk around and interactive discussion with experts on topics of the following categories:

  • “interesting case”
  • “how I do it”
  • “my biggest nightmare”
  • “Next time, I would do it differently”

PAAFIS e.V. annual general assembly meeting on Friday, 15 September 2022 at 18:00 (members only)

Faculty – PAAFIS 2023

Andreas LindnerPediatric surgical sim labLMU Medical Center, Munich
Gürsu KiyanPediatric Thoracic SurgeryMarmara University, Istanbul
Oliver MuenstererPediatric SurgeryLMU Medical Center, Munich
Hans HoffmannThoracic SurgeryTechnical University, Munich
Tom CiecieregaPediatric GastroeneterologyWeill Cornell Medical College, NY
Johanna SchubertPsychosomatic PediatricsLMU Medical Center, Munich
Susanne Bechtold-Dalla PozzaPediatric EndocrinologyLMU Medical Center, Munich
Mutaz SultanPediatric GastroenterologyAl-Quds University, Jerusalem
Danielle Wendling-KeimPediatric SurgeryLMU Medical Center, Munich
Amulya SaxenaPediatric SurgeryImperial College, London
Tutku SoyerPediatric SurgeryHacettepe University, Ankara
Graham SlaterFormer President, EATEAT (EA Support), Worcestershire
Anke Widenmann-GroligTreasurer, KEKSKEKS (EA Support), Stuttgart
Jan GödekePediatric SurgeryLMU Medical Center, Munich
Anne-Sophie HollerPediatric SurgeryLMU Medical Center, Munich
Irene SchmidPediatric OncologyLMU Medical Center, Munich
Çiğdem Ulukaya DurakbasaPediatric SurgeryMedeniyet University, Istanbul
Beate HäberlePediatric SurgeryLMU Medical Center, Munich
Eduard KraftPM-RehabilitationMünchen Klinik, Munich
Sandra BergmannSpeech TherapyLMU Medical Center, Munich
Edda BischoffshausenPediatric Palliative CareLMU Medical Center, Munich